Pressure is the most important parameter to assess and control the oil reserves and gas.

Because, the technologies used today for measuring pressure in the drilling industry is very limited (mechanical and quartz technologies).  And extreme conditions of temperature and corrosion found at the bottom of the  wells, the development of miniaturized measurement systems with a higher level of performance and greater reliability is a critical point for better assessment of reserves into production and optimized.

And this new technology requires not only a breakthrough in sensitive elements as well as enhanced integration of electronics to provide digital outputs and the ability to advanced communication (communication of the measures towards the surface).

Smart sensors and miniaturized

Smart sensorsWe developed an intelligent Probe and Pressure Sound for operating in severe environments, such as that encountered during drilling, during the start of production and during transport of oil and gas.  These micro systems have been built in a miniature size (chip size of the order of a millimeter). They are builds by last advanced technology in microelectronics and micromechanics (MEMS).

The MEMS ( Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems) is an evolution of the technologies of the microelectronics in which the miniaturized mechanical structures are micro-manufactured in chips in order to add to the power of calculation the capacities of measures and action. These technologies help to make products smaller, more efficient, more integrated functionality, less consummation .