The typical conditions of operation of the equipment that characterize petroleum applications are  the very high pressure - a few hundred bars on the surface and up from 1000 to 2000 bars at the bottom of Well - the extreme temperature ranges from -40 ° C, as may be encountered  near the poles, 200 ° C at the bottom of wells. However, the silicon sensor technologies that are capable to operate reliably under such conditions are not currently available on the market. 

The development of electronic capable of operating at high temperatures is an important challenge. Indeed, component manufacturers specify a maximum temperature circuits  85 ° C, in some cases up to 125 ° C. The realization of complex electronic boards operating 175 ° C involves a particular technical expertise difficult to develop. Also, fluids in pipelines can be extremely corrosive, with concentrations high sulfuric acid or carbon dioxide.  The presence of solid particles in the discharge facilities to submit risk of abrasion or clogging deposits. The conditions of shock and vibration are also extreme.

The development of Equipments of measure  which can be compatible with  all the above constraints, requires expertise in materials, mechanical design and fluid,  which is not easily accessible to companies operating in the classic sector.

Consequently, a new miniature pressure sensor capable of operating in severe environments is developed, the research and development (invention) of measure equipments is the main axe of our activity.