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  • The MEMS is an evolution of the technologies of the microelectronics in which the miniaturized mechanical structures are micro-manufactured in chips in order to add to the power of calculation the capacities of measures and action.

  • We developed an intelligent Probe and Pressure Sound for operating in severe environments, such as that encountered during drilling, during the start of production and during transport of oil and gas.

  • The MEMS ( Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems) is an evolution of the technologies of the microelectronics.

  • Micro-packaging innovations is Ultralow dead volume using ceramic volume micro-compensator.

Oil & Gas Division

P & T Recorder

The OT-100125 is a full pressure acquisition system optimized for oil and gas industries typical jobs where reliability and measurement...
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Dual Measurement

Two OT-100125 can be mounted through the OT-000010 body adapter to form a full dummy gas lift valve . this enables two independent ...
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Water Treatment Division

Sea Water Desalination

Is a process of removing some amount of salt and other minerals from saline water (sea water), and producing drinking water...
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Mobile unite & Portable unite

The prerequisite condition to create your desalination unite, is the analysis of the raw water, provide us the analysis of your raw water...
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