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Our main activity is the Research, Development and the Manufacturing of measure equipments for severe environment based on MEMS technology:

  • Probes high pressure
  • Probes high temperature
  • Flow meters
  • Fluid property sensors

These products are optimized for oil and geothermal applications:

  • Measures during the drilling of oil and gas
  • Stimulation and test oil wells (fracturing, injection)
  • Monitoring equipment during production and transportation of oil and gas (separators, pipelines, tankers)

P & T Recorder

The OT-100125 is a full pressure acquisition system optimized for oil and gas industries typical jobs where reliability and measurement...
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Dual Measurement

Two OT-100125 can be mounted through the OT-000010 body adapter to form a full dummy gas lift valve . this enables two ...
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Ultralow dead volume using ceramic volume micro-compensator, HPHT electrical feed thru design, Wafer level decoupling ...
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The Permanent Gauge Assembly system. There is a room that is taken into sandwitch between the gauge and mandrel ...
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