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About Us

OGINATEC, stands for Oil and Gas & INdustrial Applications TEChnology

OGINATEC's Operations and services are focused on the development of integrated solutions, innovative industrial solutions based, among other things, on MEMS technology.

Together, OGINATEC and its Partners, hand in hand, by integrating and combining our knowledge, talents and especially our ambitions we make of OGINATEC a leading Enterprise in the area of Oil & Gas and Industrial Applications by providing the best integrated solution based on MEMS technology.

Our local and international resources should enable us to deliver a consistent level of quality from one country to another in the dynamic market of Middle East and beyond.

Throughout the world, we use the same sophisticated and innovative approaches and state of the art technology.

Some of OGINATEC people have more than two decades of hard work, experience and strong technical and business knowledge, which gave us a very high technical level and which made us one of the pioneer companies in the sector of industrial applications, especially in OIL & GAS and Business Consulting.

We, all, observe a strict ethical standard where we act with integrity in all situations, respecting the law of the countries where we are present or / and operate.
We will maintain harmonious and respectful relations with others, protect confidentiality, the confidentiality of our company in all its aspects (Products, Personal, Operations, Methodology....etc) and the confidentiality of our business partners and clients.

"This is OGINATEC corporate which welcomes you in its new generation's technology and services."

P & T Recorder

The OT-100125 is a full pressure acquisition system optimized for oil and gas industries typical jobs where reliability and measurement...
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Dual Measurement

Two OT-100125 can be mounted through the OT-000010 body adapter to form a full dummy gas lift valve . this enables two ...
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Ultralow dead volume using ceramic volume micro-compensator, HPHT electrical feed thru design, Wafer level decoupling ...
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The Permanent Gauge Assembly system. There is a room that is taken into sandwitch between the gauge and mandrel ...
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